New Jersey’s donn¥ is an artist whose tangibly weird music is shamefully slept on. In this interview, we discussed the different sounds he’s put together over the past year or so, his favourite collabs, and the stuff he has planned for the next stage of his career.

1. I honestly feel like people sleep on you so hard, you have some absolutely crazy songs with an incredible range of production behind them. What are some of your favourites you’ve made so far?

Damn I appreciate that man. S/o everyone ive gotten to work with so far, all crazy talented individuals. I think its hard for me to really name any favorites cus all my tracks are kinda different, but working with artists better than me really helped me make a lot of progress this year, Im just humbled to have gotten that experience.

2. Your Chokehold EP has some dope collabs with SeKwence, BIG LARRY & Grimm Doza. How did those come together?

Honestly those are just some of the artists I listen to and fuck with, I just hit them up, same with anyone I look to work with.

3. How would you describe your music? There really is no comparison I could possibly make, it is truly unique in every way.

Thanks man, that means a lot. Not really sure how I would describe it, I write a lot about things im going through or have been through. Im always trying to push myself and try different things with every track I create though and so a lot of what I make is just a process of discovery.

4. ‘R.I.P.’ is the best song you’ve made in my opinion, shortly followed by ‘Dial Tone’. There’s a haunting majesty about your music, is that something that you attempt to convey?

Nah not at all, just how some of my shit sounds I guess. Always tryna switch shit up though.

5. Have you got any plans for a full length project? With all the music you’ve put out as of late I’ve no doubt it would be amazing if it ever happened.

Most definitely have plans for many full lengths. This year is just the start for me really. Actually working on a bunch of different projects right now that ima release soon, just smoothing out the details tryna get everything in place. Been learning a lot of new shit im tryna incorporate in my work.

6. Any more collabs in the works? I see you rap over Dr. Alien beats a lot, I feel like you two have the best chemistry of anyone you work with.

Forsure, I got all types of different shit on the way at the moment and some of that is work with Dr. Alien. Hes definitely one of my favorite producers to work with, extremely versatile, experimental and always fire.

7. The art you do for your singles is incredible, what’s the process behind that?

Man to be honest I got into the art kinda accidentally. I didnt want to spend any more money for artwork on top of other shit for music so I just started editing photos with the stock photo editor on my phone. I ended up really enjoying it and came into my own style that I like so that’s what I still do. Theres an abundance of pictures on the internet to use and mess with or I use photos I take. Also just started getting into painting so in the future im looking to use more of that art as well.

8. Finally, is there any shoutouts you’d like to do? I really hope people check out your music after this interview, you deserve all the shine my friend.

I appreciate you man fr. I wanna thank my girl and all my friends and family back home. Shout everyone who fucks with what I do. Shout the homie Newport, that’s my brother. Shout, Sekwence for everything hes done for me this past year. Shout, Killer Kane cus I wouldn’t be releasing shit without him. Shout, Gorgeonstars, Pie$, Kami for their continued support. Shout Grimm Doza cus I wouldnta even started this shit if it wasn’t for him. Shout Dr. Alien for always lacin me with heat and shout out you 108mics for really going through my shit and hosting this interview. Im hella humbled to have had this opportunity and im looking forward to continuing my progression as an artist, I got nothing but love for all this shit.

Listen to donn¥ on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @d_o_n_n_Y__.

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