Russian producer and one of the underground’s brightest, most hard-working talents, Jewish Reaper lives up to the latter moniker by crafting intensely dark, harrowing productions. Collaborating with a ton of the scene’s most prolific names, he’s working his way to the top and will soon hopefully be recognised as one of the underground’s strongest and most down to earth talents. Mess with bro, he’s one of the most approachable people I’ve interacted with.


1. People have really begun to fuck with your shit lately, it’s great to see. Who do you most enjoy producing for?

HMM… Bloodyay x radez, rxvch deadgod just to answer faster. I enjoy producing for everyone. I just like to hear someone on my beat

2. How did you become interested in the underground and begin to make the dark trap style of music you make? I assume there isn’t much of a scene in Russia.

My friend Codein demon was makin phonk beats 2 years ago. I decided to try to and i liked it. I never quit FL since that day. I wasnt always making dark trap. I decided to stay in underground cuz i like that sound so much, I stopped listenin to gucci, 21savage and etc. after i hard purrps song “whole lotta ice’ i instantly chose making underground and dark trap. I don’t like making easy “plu” beats.

3. Your beat collabs with Lil Trvsh, Dead4Ever & KRXXK are always dope, do you have any more of those on the way?

I still didnt release 2 collabs with krxxk yet. Dunno yet, but prob abit yes. By the way, everyone can dm me and collab, like collabing. Send me your melody or ask me for a melody. thats it.

4. I really liked the beat you did for Darth Roach and EvilLaire, on the song I hosted. What inspires you to create such dark, nightmarish beats?

u know i cant really answer, im really calm and good guy, but when it comes to music i like it to be dark and evil. But i will make better beats soon, not that dark.

5. Who are your favourite producers aside from yourself? I know you fuck with BMB heavily and I hope they start showing the same love back.

My favorite producer is Loko Los. He’s crazy and unique producer. But i also really like spaceghospurrp (he inspired to make beats and im here cuz of him) And KRXXK. Very unique producer. Can’t choose one.

6. Would you ever consider doing a full beat tape? You definitely put out a lot of material so it might be worth doing.

i have plans to make an EP with 10-12 exclusive tracks.

7. What do you think is the greatest song you’ve ever produced? Could be released or unreleased.

My song? Retro trap

8. What is it like living in Russia and being a producer? I know you wanted to talk about your experience so here is your chance.

Well being producer in russia is heroism… Alot of people dont take it serious. Most of popular russian producer just making money by selling random beats with loops used in it and midis too. Schoolboys like him beats and it’s popular. But shit hads has soul for making beats. I use all my soul to make shit. I produce on coke, lyrica and xanax. But sober too, someTimes. Im against our goverNment and won’t work for fucking 500$ in a month. Im that guy who always buys noodles and eats em; I wanna move in US.

9. You seem to focus a lot on being Jewish, be it ‘Jewish Pimp’ or ‘Jewish Reaper’. Does it have a strong impact on your identity as a creator of music?

Yes im jewish i like my culture and i love israel. Im 100% jew but im not religious. Im not greedy as stereotypes say. And u can call me jewish pimp but if u do a track with me call it jewish reaper or rxvpxr.

10. Finally, you can shoutout anybody you would like to! Thanks for this bro, been wanting to send you something for a while.

So thats it thank you for paying attention to my persona. Im really positive and ready to collab with everyone. Shalom

Listen to Reaper on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @rxvpxr.

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