Ace Uzumakii is one of the most consistently impressive rappers in his field, his anime-obsessed music is no gimmick as it merely bolsters the incredible talent that his raps reveals. His latest effort ‘lil angel shawty’ follows his established trend of booted up, synth-heavy bangers with dreamy, autotune-laced vocals. Whereas the rapper has recently gone for moodier tracks with more traditional rapping approaches, this song fully taps into the smooth hooks that the rapper is best known for. In terms of his achievements as a songwriter, this glossy single is definitely up there, and undeniably deserving of more attention.

1. Most of your music is themed around anime and video games, are these interests you’ve always held and ones that inspire you to rap?

Yes, I’ve always been a loner growing up so I turned to video games, it’s been a passion of mine for a long as I can remember

2. How many years have you been making music? You’ve accumulated an extensive discography over the years, you’ve pretty much perfected your sound at this point.

Believe it or not, I’ve only rapped for about two and a half years

3. Your last full length project YUN WITCH N**** dropped around six months ago, and featured some of your dopest songs (‘DEMON MODE/ 1 HEART LEFT’, ‘DEATH NOTE SHAWTY’). When will we see a follow up?

Towards the end of the year around Halloween, just like last year

4. Of your recent drops, I think ‘crazy taxi’ is one of my favourites. It’s got a really unique sound I don’t think I’ve heard from you otherwise. What were you inspired by when making that track?

Bladee 100%. He has been one of my favorite artists for years now. His neo soul/ trap fusion sound is just legendary

5. You recently released ‘lil angel shawty’, which I’m planning to write about. Do you have any other tracks due to drop soon?

Many, it’s part of a project I have coming soon called “Holy Water”

6. Do you have any more songs with Lil Pokedexx due for release? You guys have two quality projects under your belts already, I’d definitely like to hear more.

Yes expect before the Summer, we just want it to be perfect

7. It was good to see you collaborate with Wavami after I suggested it, hopefully we’ll hear more from you two. Are there any other features we should be looking out for on your drops?

I’m constantly hitting up other artists who I think have interesting sounds, so yes expect many more features

8. You and GYPTXVN work frequently, are you still planning to drop a tape together?

Yes, still in the planning stages. I can’t wait for it though. GYPTVN beats are always really fun to rap on

9. Who are some of your favourite producers to work with?

Thrillboy, Honk ,GYPTVN, Lincoln , Gothchyld, Yung Jodye, Yung Visery, Baka, Twenty-02, GlimmerXP, CheetoTheHero, Dollie

10. Is there anything else you’d like to add, or any there any shoutouts you want to give?

S/O Lil Pokedexxx And Lil Gohan. They’re really supportive and help me with a lot in this music stuff. They also make great Music

Listen to Ace on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @ace_uzumakii.

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