One of the hardest rappers and most inspired songwriters in the scene right now, Bandz drops nothing but dope fucking music. Enjoy this interview, and check out his shit!

1. Who first inspired you to start rapping?

Shit I was inspired by my cousin who wanted to rap first but he was in the street so I got into it because of him.

2. How many projects have you dropped? I hosted your last two, which were both really good.

I dropped about like 6-8 projects. Took most of them down tho after I upgraded my equipment. Had to hit em wit some new shit. Salute to you for hosting the last two you helping niggas grow out here

3. Do you have any favourite producers to work with? You have a lot of work with a lot of people.

One of my favorites gotta be LuiOfficial, Listen to that Won’t miss on my soundcloud that shit too hard. I fw Dante & my boy bossman on the beat. Bossman my dawg fr over the rap shit he a cool nigga

4. When did you start making music, and how long would you say say it took you to find your sound?

I always was into rap so even from middle school niggas would freestyle and shit but I get serious around early 2017. I didn’t take me long cause I really didn’t care to have a sound right away. I wanted to make sure I was good at putting a song together first. I did finally perfect my craft by the end of 2017. My music been better and better since the first song I posted on my soundcloud

5. Your work with 2M Drip is always cool, do you guys have new stuff on the way?

Drip that’s my brudda man but right now nah I been pushing my shit at the moment but we gone cook something up asap.

6. Is there anybody you’d really like to collab with that you haven’t already?

Man I got a small list fr cause ion be on the scene with too many people. I want a verse from niggas like Drugrixh Hect whenever they free that man, splurge, Duwap Kaine, and a few other people. I can work wit anybody just know imma make some fye shit so don’t be tryna get a verse for a weak ass song

7. Is there any upcoming work from you that we should be looking out for?

Yeah I got a new single I should be dropping within the next few days and I got a freestyle I just did yesterday that shit hard too. Magic & Drip be on the lookout for those! I might not drop a tape for a min but new music will be flooded all summer no cap

8. Are there any shoutouts you’d like to do?

First shout out 108Mics, bro putting in work to reach all the underground artist out there. Big salute to you and your craft. Shoutout 2M cause that’s hometeam, shout out Sir Backhand Jonez that’s my brudda as well he dropping real soon too so be ready! Salute myself cause Im da one who doing this shit. BANDZ!

Listen to Bandz on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @DMG_III.

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