Calling your collective (and by extension your first, self-titled project) Weird Love sets significant expectations for the sounds that your group implement. In-house beatmaker You Can’t Kill Ideas matches the zany titles and aesthetic that this mixtape sport proudly, his vast vacuum synths and crunchy kick drums make for an explosive opener on ‘Love Kit’. The rappers meanwhile all have nimble, skipping flows that land impressive verses as well as tight-knitted collaborative hooks.

On ‘Plenty’, the bass is amped up significantly and the flows become more slurred, as if to reflect the hedonistic, drug-centered theme of the track. ‘Game of Clones’ features fascinating production that sounds like an alien invasion alongside hilarious brags: ‘I could sell a polar bear a coat’. It seems like the most confident moment here in terms of delivery, as members Ricky and Leaky spar over booming work from YCKI.

You Saw Fern with Keef?’ easily trumps all of the aforementioned, however. ‘I’m just trying to live my life like Mordecai and Rigby’ is the main lyrical takeaway, it shapes the six man group’s musical efforts as something both organically focused and lovingly lackadaisical. The vibrant instrumental creates endless pockets for the rappers to land their bars, resulting in the strongest piece of music that the tape has to offer.

The sextet’s chemistry is the secret behind this tape’s strength and impact, the overall product is as it is due to the production advancing in ambition and the rappers bringing stronger vocals with each new offering. I eagerly anticipate new material from these guys, whether their songs feature two members battling it out or the entire posse working in cohesion, their material is always excellent.

Listen to the collective’s self-titled tape here.

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