One of this generation of hip-hop’s most astounding artists, sh0p7ift represents extreme, discomfort-inducing music that strays far from the traditional genre spectrum. Across dozens of projects, the rapper/producer has proven his worth in almost every songwriting facet. If this is your first time hearing of him, then prepare for a diverse musical journey that covers all aspects of a uniquely creative mind.

1. You create an astonishing amount of music, and you’ve clocked in well over 600 tracks on Soundcloud. When did you first realise that making music was going to be your focus in life?

i rlly Wanted 2 make music since i was little like elementary school , wanted 2 b a singer but never took that serious just little kid shit like “i wanna be a rockstar when i grow up” . also played in school band allat . so rlly as long as i can remember

2. How would you describe the type of music that you make? Were you initially a producer and the rapping came later?

best way i can describe my music is brain melt. idk how else. just some surreal shit make u confused and disturbed lol. at least what im goin 4 or sumthn idk. jus tryna put my essense into music ;Just thoughts in music form. i started producing first , since 2012. tried rapping few times made few songs but never took any of that serious even producing was just posting on soundcloud just to Have it out there. i Rlly wasnt aware of the underground at all until 2016; i didnt know i could connect wit ppl And make something out of what i was doing i jus wanted 2 make music. so then early 2017 started being serious . and here i am

3. Who influences your rapping, if anyone?

spaceghostpurrp ethelwulf ruben slikk lloyd banks max b

4. Do you think that your music has evolved since you first started out? Your music has definitely become more intense and distorted since the days of lxvx 2 blxxd and nvmb skvll.

hell yea ive evolved insanely my music has completely changed. i didnt Rlly know wat i was doing when i starting, i was learning how to make songs still when i Made “lxvx2blxxd “ . i learned How to make a mixtape as i Made it, was adhering to Conventional “rap” rules. that album Hella edgy cringey sort of in retrospect tbh Hahaha.“Nvmb skvll” is still 1 my favorite projects, i didnt try 2 make any certain sound with that Tape. good times

5. Why did you change your moniker from svrin to sh0p7ift?

svrin means “sarin” as in The toxin; i felt like it was too edgy of a Name+ no1 pronounced it right Cuz the raider V. also didnt like how i was Forcing the raider homage with Using the Hieroglyph. decided be my own entity + Just thought that era was Over & needed 2 reconstruct

6. I think that vrchvngxl holds up as your best project, the production (Stevie Durag, Bloodline Genesis, Evil Haze, KRXXK, ScrewManeFlame) is top of the range and your sound at the time seemed to come to a general peak there. What would you say is your finest work?

i spent the most Time on “vrchvngxl’ as opposed 2 any other Project, certain songs like “take sumthn” were originally meant 4 “lxvx 2 blxxd” actually but i was waiting for A better mix which never came so thats A rough version on The tape lmao. apparently project file got lost. also was my first song not mixed by myself. definitely was My peak of that little Svrin era ; first time i felt completely comfortable Making what i wanted to. was a weird recording process tho, i recorded half That tape in one Session in my bathroom lol “manic state” “nightmare” “red dot” “semtex” & “needles” were 4sure recorded all that 1 night as i can remember. the rest were recorded over a 2 month span where i was kicked Out my house for being a dumbass. so Was recorded at friend crib i stayed at and various hotels. “semtex” was also supposed 2 be posse cut with a couple more people on it from when i was in this collective Razarus started (HELLWAVE) . Eraq & sleeping actually did their verses first. project means a Lot 2me. had Beats from most my favorite producers, Making the music i RLLY Wanted 2 make 4 the 1st time. its sooo Hard 4 me 2 name a single Fav lmao but im most Proud of my “404ERROR” tape…. but also My project produced by levitating man, and this Other tape “Addicted 2 a memory” … everything is so relative too the time it was made tho. i Guess i would have 2 say “goth drill” or “based goth”

7. You have a lot of music with Delcada, have you two worked closely for a long time?

actually i havent Known declada very long, we met thru mutual friends at a Show in Nov 2017, actually my first ever performance (i did 1 song levels were fucked up sound was bad i got cut off early anyway) and then just was cool made a few songs here and there but We didnt get 2 b real friends till i Was boutta make “CYVNIDX6” which she mixed and was a huge part of. then she stayed with me for a month in october and we got close And made some Beauty

8. will you be working on projects with in the future?

grayda, especially with production Hes getting so fuckn Dope so quickly; doing that Tape with 2shanez was Awesome ; him & islurwhenitalk Make me excited 4 the future of music, icant wait 4 this project with Slur. im rlly Tryna work wit splish Splash & elegant eternal amazing artists. and of course my friends They already know; shoutout Lqd snake/ innatx / matt4evr / witchhunter. Ny1 i aint mention Yall legends in ur own right i aint finna blast this shit with names tho. besides the tape w/ slur ; i got too Much shit haha. 3 eps, prod Cooper johnson ; loko los & gawd. couple other tapes in works too

9. If someone was first discovering your work, what would you tell them to do first? Do you have any essential songs/projects that you think best represent you as an artist?

if yu just finna Start listening 2 me ; or if u 1 the haters who Heard 1 or 2 songs and bash Shit or even if u Been listening 4 a minute i would Say 2 rlly go Thru my discog cuz U aint rlly gettn What im doin unless u experience The whole spectrum. Got 2 many Sounds. i cant even Say i rlly have An essential project i Am a project myself; however, if i had 2 pick 1 i would say “ludens vir dei” . or the “make me messy” tapes if U want something Different & raw and R prepared 4 it

Listen to sh0p7ift on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @sh0p7ift1.

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