One of the most evil-sounding rappers making music right now, Darth Mob member Venom Pimp is also a skilled producer, and is about to make a huge impact on the game in the coming months.

1. When did you first start making music?

I started makin music back when I was in high school around sophomore year, at the time I was only workin with local artist and recording on my laptop but I always wanted to make music from the start and bring my type of energy to this rap shit

2. Have you always both rapped and produced? Which do you find the most enjoyment in?

rapping on tracks is def what I enjoy doing more but production is also where most my focus is from time to time when I want to make something dark and try out new sounds

3. How did you come to join Darth Mob?

I joined Darth Mob around the time me and Roach started makin music and I always thought they music was hard so I cliqued up wit them and started makin sum of my best work.

4. You and the rest of the Mob have a very distinct sound, what would you say inspires it?

evil underground music is definitely what inspires us, I feel like most of our music is some of the darkest music out and only gets darker as time goes on. But some of my inspirations come from a variety of artist and groups like doomshop , Raider klan, purrp , mc holocaust and more

5. You seem to work really well with KRXXK, your Vampire Rave EP over his beats is some dope shit. Do you have any more songs over his production on the way?

thanks and yea I got alot of new shit wit dude, his sound really on point, shout out krxxk on the production

6. Your C-Virus beat tape was awesome, are we going to hear other people rap on your stuff soon?

I got a couple artist im tryna work wit and get on some beats so ill be reaching out to a few people and im actually working on a tape on my beats only so that should be on the way very soon

7. How did you choose your artist name?

I see myself portrayed as a villain from day to day and I honestly think venom one the hardest villains of all time so I just ran with it, I chose the name Venom Pimp back in 2015 ever since then everybody been familiar wit it, I also go by Darth Venom

8. What will your next project be? An EP over your own beats would be dope to hear.

yea I got a couple projects in the works, rn im focusing on a instrumental album with a couple different sounds but for the most part I got alot of new shit coming so stay tuned and shout out everybody who showing support and huge shout out to you for the interview

Listen to Venom Pimp on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @_VenomDiamond.

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