NY rapper/producer W$R is a proven champion of various underground hip-hop sub-genres, his musical excellence has been boundless across his various quality releases. Despite all this, I didn’t know much about the man himself and so this interview was an interesting insight.

1. You’re from New York, were you heavily inspired by the rappers your city has birthed while coming up?

Definitely being from NYC I’m inspired by many artists from NY. I grew up off Nas – Illmatic & Wutang – 36 Chambers. As youngin growing up I found my own NY artist I liked from the beginning of hip hip such as LL COOL J, ERIC B & RAKIM, RUN DMC, Biz Markie, etc. Too many to name! I also took a liking to Dipset at a young age as well I try to incorporate the NY sound that seems to be fading away. W$R will definitely restore that grimy NY flow with new flows…Stay tuned!

2. Your music has taken on a dark tone at times, like your work over ScrewManeFlame and Mike Rari beats. What inspires you to create music?

Yes, I’m happy you noticed that because although I’m from NY I love the beats that producers from the south create. The melodic dark melody’s coming from the south is one of my favorite sounds/styles. I feel like Screw Mane & Rari embody that dark sound really well with them being from TX. What inspires me to make music is I can express myself freely without any cut on it. I don’t have to dumb myself down when creating. I respect lyricism and how to communicate to the fans in poetry form. I just want people to come up to me and say ‘Yo man this song got me through a tough time’ or ‘This song got me through a death in my family’ I just want to connect people together through my music. What inspires me to create darker music is I would say I don’t draw too much inspiration from ‘happy’ music I get most inspiration from dark hip hop ‘Hell on earth’ by Mobb Deep ‘Dare iz ah Darkside’ by Redman etc. I feel like dark music shows the struggle of the black man in America more vividly and I can relate to it more. S/o to ScrewMane & MikeRari aka OG3RARI.

3. You have a lot of music out, but not a lot of it is on Soundcloud. Where can listeners find the majority of your music?

I put A lot of my music on private because I’m working on my sound still. This tape ‘The Real Wavy Money’ will show people why I’ve been holding off on making music. The Bronx Finest coming soon. Money & Murda coming real soon as well. Also other things I can’t speak about right now but the fans/supporters will be able to access ALL of my music very soon just stay tuned.

4. Your Brain Damage EP with Trenchboi Kese is really dope, I’m hoping that you two have more work on the way?

Brain Damage 2 Coming soon! The cover art is crazy the tape gone be legendary!

5. You’ve collaborated heavily with SouthernGawthMobb and other underground rappers over the years. Who are your favourite people to work on music with?

Word S/O to SouthernGawthMobb we got that ‘Tek 9’ Track. Thats the first song we ever did back in 2017. I would love to work with Lord Apex, GriMM Doza, Retch, Nas, Roc Marciano, Ghostface, Action Bronson & anyone talkin that High Level rap.

6. Your Stevie Durag-produced track ‘Fuck Society’ is a perfect track, and a surprising beat coming from Stevie. How did that song come together and will we hear more from you two?

Yeah man Stevie Durag is very underrated man. I want to make more music with Stevie Durag. Stevie has many styles usually when he makes a beat with some gritty NY production he sends it to me right away. We made that track in November he previewed the beat & sent it to me I wrote the rhyme one night I was going through mad shit. When I go through hard times I usually write faster because there’s more to talk about. If you listen to that song I’m giving you a coded message to my life you just gotta break it down & decipher it.

7. What’s your next scheduled drop?

The Bronx Finest, Money & Murda & lastly The Real Wavy Money dropping w/ 108 mics exclusively.

8. Any new singles or projects in the works? Anything else you’d like to add? You’re an established rapper and producer, so people should be queueing up to work with you, in all honesty.

I’m one of the illest MCs coming out of NYC this is just the beginning. Wavy money means to be laid back and go for your dreams at the same time. I don’t choose to chase the most poppin sound to fit in. I’m very interested in doing shows in the UK or even any where in the states. If anyone has any information on where I can perform email me @ wavymoneyrecords@gmail.com. I’m the original W$R alot of copy cats & biters out there. Check the dates! Ya dig! – W$R

Listen to W$R on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @WAVYMONEYRECRDS.

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