A recent 108mics.com discovery, pelo deserves his shine as a producer, especially as he has so much insight on what it takes to be a dedicated maker of quality music.

1. How long have you been making beats for? Where do you draw inspiration when cooking up?

ive been producing for about 3 & 1/2 years now, & most of my inspiration draws from people just doubting me essentially. when i first started people would clown the fuck out me. so i hadda show em whats good you know ahaha

2. Your latest Soundcloud drop, the beat ‘omnia’, sounds more than a little mournful. Is that an emotion that you’re trying to convey with your beats?

that’s actually a pretty good way to describe it, like personally as myself i try to express what i feel emotionally & i translate that thru what i make.

3. Tell me about Velvet Taliban, what do you guys represent?

velvet taliban is more a family than a collective really, we represent those who feel alone, neglected, abandoned, or have been abused in some way. we want ppl to know that they are not alone. & to stand with us, to become a force to be reckoned with.

4. Where do you come from, and has your environment influenced you in any way?

i grew up in a place called palmerton in pennsylvania. without getting too detailed my environment early in life on wasnt really the most pleasant. as i got older i was diagnosed with a couple mental disorders that make living a lil difficult but i try to channel it all into my work, & thats what makes me feel alive most of all

5. Who are some of your favourite acts/people that you’d like to collaborate with? It’s a crime that people aren’t queuing up to hop on your shit, based on what I’ve heard.

my favorite act of all time would have to be nirvana in Rio De Janeiro, its so raw. & my dream collab would be with trbld boy, even tho he think imma weirdo ahahaha

6. Do you have any plans for a beat tape, or a project of some kind?

yes actually we as in (Velvet Taliban) are releasing a tape in the near future hopefully in the next 2-3 months

7. What else can you tell people about yourself? You mentioned you might have some stories worth telling.

yes actually, when i was 18 i basically had nothing, i would steal food from stores basically every day just to feed myself, started selling drugs for like 3 years then eventually became an addict. i lost everything & honestly contemplated just ending it all. but ive slowly built myself back up & i am where i am today. i just want ppl to realize theres always another way out but u have to put the work in & believe in yourself.

8. Is there anybody that you’d like to shout out, or any last things to add in?

absolutely s/o @velvettaliban on IG & twitter. s/o to my brothers @_1.fiq @sossavage60 @_.essay @danyullrusso on IG & special thx to @eplooo on IG for being there to keep my mental stability. also @Eplooo_ and @BasedHoezer on twitter! & fuck my opps & all the people who doubted me.

Listen to pelo on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @urlocalop.

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