Cam Kron has has an excellent 2019. His primary output included a solo project (Feels Like June) as well as a collaborative venture with fellow $econd Nature artist VCiDHiGH. He also made multiple appearances on the collective’s first full release Drip Or Be Dropped, and contributed guest vocals to solo efforts from each member. He recently performed as an opening act for Eddy Baker, in doing so demonstrating his vocal nimbleness and charisma to an expanded audience.

And so with ‘Currents’, a breezy, melodic joint sporting a dense, shoegaze-esque Greaf beat, Cam has finalised a great year with a triumphant victory anthem. This song capitalises on his recent refocus on atmosphere, cranking the saturation up to the max as the rapper is enveloped in a warm cocoon of guitar licks and crisp percussion. There will be plenty more from Cam to come in 2020, so stay tuned!

Listen to the single here.

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